Ear For The Surge

Ear For The Surge

Surveillance Capitalism

#SurveillanceCapitalism Commodifying personal data Profit making Most valuable resource on earth Memory Hole Constant Surveillance Artificial Intelligence algorithmic analysis. New economic order Extreme inequalities of knowledge and power Mass surveillance In the post-coronavirus world Run as the code for everyday life Erases free will. Development of the internet Human experience as free raw material TranslationContinue reading “Surveillance Capitalism”

Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter a 6 line text: I Can’t Breathe We Will Not Be Silent End Direct Provision Black Lives Matter Violence Inflicted On Black Communities The Movement For Black Lives Each line reveals the title of another text: I Can’t Breathe Wrestled to the ground Chokehold by an NYPD officer Neighbourhood peacemaker Turning limp Black menContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

I Can’t Breathe

#icantbreathe Wrestled to the ground Chokehold by an NYPD officer. Neighbourhood peacemaker Turning limp Black men living and dying in America. Pinned him to the ground. Knee on the man’s neck Eight minutes Generous, congenial person Died Monday night The father, 43 Gasping ‘I can’t breathe’. Barrier between you and the world Hunger for airContinue reading “I Can’t Breathe”

We Will Not Be Silent

The rage is still there. #WeWillNotBeSilent Silence is betrayal We must work together Extraordinary times Artist/Activist collaboration Direct public actions SILENCE=DEATH Resist hatred Resist fascism Resist bigotry Resist ignorance Resist the lies Welcome to the resistance Engage everyday Civil disobedience We will not be silent We will not be quiet Freedom Dignity The first timeContinue reading “We Will Not Be Silent”

End Direct Provision

Today, I’m raging. 5096 men, women and children 801 families Living in 34 direct provision centres Across 17 counties in Ireland. End to deportations and direct provision Illegal, inhuman and degrading. Respect dignity and human rights. Campaign to end the inhumane treatment Asylum seekers, citizens, organisations. In Ireland only 1 in 10 people know. KnownContinue reading “End Direct Provision”

(H)Ear More

This morning I decided to listen harder. #BlackLivesMatter I extended the work by searching for the terms Black Lives Matter, The Movement For Black Lives, and Violence Inflicted On Black Communities. These became the basis to extend the work of Ear For The Surge. Black Lives Matter Human rights protest Racial profiling, police brutality BettermentContinue reading “(H)Ear More”

Ear Sound

Each line of the 6 poems has 3 variations. Each poem is being published using these variations over on Twitter. When a new poem is published I copy it, turn it into speech and upload to SoundCloud. I edit the audio and text to become a video, which is then published on YouTube. Videos, originalContinue reading “Ear Sound”

Ear Tweet

Twitter has become a platform of rage over the pandemic. I’ve read so many angry posts. So many funny posts, to counteract the rage. So many sad posts to release the rage. Twitter has really helped to keep me grounded. Each line of the texts became units that I could mix up using randomisation andContinue reading “Ear Tweet”

Ear Surge

Hearing constant news, constant cries for help, constant madness from raging polititians. The sound and repetition of so much rage has helped me conceptualise Ear For The Surge. Usually, when a work starts to take shape, I start with words, texts, sounds of words, or writing text. This morning was no different. I started withContinue reading “Ear Surge”

Ear Rage

It began by reading The Iliad. Homer’s 15,000 line tale of hexameter verse. The lines are designed to heard. They are part of the oral tradition in literature. I’m also pretty sure that no-body in the tale could even read or write. These epic length poems are created from stitching together shorted poems, weaving togetherContinue reading “Ear Rage”

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